Dan Flavin

Untitled (to Rainer) 3, 1987
Untitled (for Eric Zetterquist), 1990

Everything is clearly, openly, plainly delivered. There is no hidden psychology, no overwhelming spirituality you are supposed to come into contact with. I like my use of light to be openly situational in the sense that there is no invitation to meditate, to contemplate. It's in a sense a 'get-in-get-out' situation. And it is very easy to understand. One might not think of light as a matter of fact, but I do. And it is, as I said, as plain and open and direct an art as you will ever find.

Dan Flavin (in: it is what it is. Writings on Dan Flavin since 1964, hg. von Paula Feldman und Karsten Schubert, London 2004)

Born in New York in 1933, he became famous for his light installations. In 1968 and 1977 his work was exhibited at the dokumenta in Kassel. He died n New York, 1996.