Artists and artworks

Situation Kunst I

Fundamental to the concept of Situation Kunst were the installations of American artists Maria Nordman, David Rabinowitch and Richard Serra with each artist’s works being exhibited in separate buildings. An additional building hosts representative works by European artists Gotthard Graubner, Norbert Kricke, Arnulf Rainer & Jan J. Schoonhoven.





Situation Kunst II

Another building complex, opened in September 2006, showcases works of contemporary international art as well as ancient art from Africa and Asia. In addition to important works by Gianni Colombo, Dan Flavin, Lee Ufan, François Morellet, Arnulf Rainer, Dirk Reinartz, Richard Serra, Robert Ryman, Ad Reinhardt and Jan J. Schoonhoven, the extension building houses a reference library. Since 2010, the newly built Kubus offers space for temporary exhibitions and academic events.