Art for Everyone

Guided tours through the museum for people with special life conditions

The Foundation Situation Kunst in Bochum Weitmar would like to make a contribution to the support of people with special life conditions. Therefore, there will be free access to the art exhibitions not only to families who are financially less advantaged or people with social or unemployment benefit, but also to children and teenagers of difficult circumstances. Additionally, residents of senior citizen centres (who may be of interest) are also welcome. The popular guided tours through the project Situation Kunst, who are mainly offered by advanced students of the Institute of Art History at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, are also free of charge. In this case the Foundation Situation Kunst bears the cost of any fees. Encouraging people to deal with art, as well as developing an own access towards art and its works in general by sharpening senses is the primary goal of these tours. Frequently raised questions like “Why is it art?” – also found in critically varied versions like “That is meant to be art?” can be the main topic of the discussion. The students would like to guide not only through the permanent exhibition space of Situation Kunst, but also through the new temporary exhibition space located in the newly opened KUBUS (since May 2010), preferably in groups of 5 to 8 participants. The management of Situation Kunst is hoping to encourage other cultural institutions to make similar contributions to the issue, as made available here. For more information please call +49(0)234-2988901