MUT - Museum unter Tage


The MuT (Museum unter Tage) was opened in November 2015.
To preserve the landspace of the surrounding park, it was built underground in the main axis of Weitmar House.

One third (about 500 m2) of the exhibition space is to be used for changing exhibitions that are developed in cooperation with the Institute of Art History (Ruhr University Bochum) and, if possible, are touring through Germany or the whole European Union.

Two thirds (about 1.000 m2) of the space is for presenting the permanent exhinition Weltsichten.
The collection includes about 350 pieces of landscape paintings from 15th centaury onwards to classical oil paintings and modern Video-Sound-Installations.

Starting in Bochum, this exhibition has been shown in several german and international museums (Kiel, Wiesbaden, Chemnitz, Cottbus, Maastricht). 

Opening Hours:

Wed - Fr: 2 - 6 Uhr
Sa + Sun: 12 - 6 Uhr

Tel: 0234 3228523