Modes and Models of Religious Attraction

Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe

15. - 18. November 2010

The Annual Conference 2010 »Modes and Models of Religious Attraction« of the Käte Hamburger Research Consortium »Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe« will be a forum to discuss different aspects of religious »attraction« in relation to the dimensions »materiality« and »experience«.

The term »attraction« does not just address, in the same way as physics terminology, a key aspect of dynamics in general, but also, in the context of societal exchange processes, a decisive factor in the emergence, condensation and dissolution of religious networks of tradition.

Our interest lies less in personally identifiable members of the charismatic movement or a diffuse agency as the authors of religious attraction or indeed in their followers as identifiable recipients of charismatic messages, but instead far more on the energetic prerequisites of an inter- and intra-religious power play that auratizes ritual sites and objects, ascribes them a religious effect and thus actually makes this effect possible in the first place. Analogously, religious experience will not be exposed as a psy-chological category, nor as an identification factor within a subject-object dialectic, but rather as a dynamically charged element in the context of religious delimitation and repulsion processes.

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