inside – mental health

Have you produced short films in recent years that you would like to present to an audience? The
Untergrund is a series of events organised by students of Situation Kunst (für Max Imdahl). Here, at
Situation Kunst, we want to offer regular platforms to present the most diverse and young arts. We
are kickstarting this journey with an evening of screening your short films to the Arts Community of
We are looking for two filmmakers who want to present their own short film of approximately 10-30
minutes in length and who are prepared to talk about it afterwards with us and the audience. The
essence of the films and the evening is a presentation of an individual film maker's examination of
one's own self, one's own mental health, which will be summarised under the title of Inside - Mental
Health. For the evening, we want to ensure a safe space through sensitive interaction and conscious
handling (e.g. trigger warnings, sensitive language). Especially in the current times, an artistic
approach to this sensitive topic is indispensable for a diverse discourse. The screening-event will be moderated in German
preferably, as well as in English as an additional alternative.
If this sounds like you and you have produced a short film that might fit into this topic, please
apply! Following the closing date for applications, we as a student team will select two short films
that address this topic in a variety of ways. In addition, we are happy to provide a small fee for the
selected short film applicants.

Following criteria is of great importance to us in the selection process:
- sensitive and respectful treatment of the topic
- free of cliché (re-)productions
- a non-discriminatory approach
- your willingness to reflect on the work together

Please send a brief, written artistic CV with a sample of your work, as well as a written piece
(approx. 150 words) explaining your work submitted, including any possible trigger warnings, in
English or in German. Please send submission by email to: studierenden-akquise@situation- until the 9th of April 2022. For the work sample, we only accept a time-limited, private link
to a common platform (Vimeo, Youtube, etc.).
After the the deadline submission the student team of Situation Kunst will contact you if your
artwork is chosen! We are already looking forward to your work! You will receive more detailed
information about the event on 29.04.2022 during the application process.

Good luck,
Your student Team at Situation Kunst

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