Imdahl Heritage

In order to maintain the heritage and to promote accessibility to Max Imdahl’s writings and presentations, the complete archive of Max Imdahl was systematically organized and digitized by Anja Ziebarth M.A., PhD-student of the Institute of Art History of the Ruhr University Bochum. A scholarship from the Foundation Situation Kunst made it possible to start the project in October 2007 and with the generous support of Bayer AG, it was be continued into August 2008. A databank, created by Janosch Kellermann, assistant at the Institute for Art History at the Ruhr University, enables access to the digital archive.

Rules for using the archive

The complete heritage of Max Imdahl, which has been maintained in the physical archives of Situation Kunst since 1992, is now available electronically for researchers. While access does not extend to the original, Visitors can access the full-text digitized data in the rooms of Situation Kunst. By contrast, the online databank, accessible via Internet, is limited to the various titles of the documents, but not their contents. Users who wish to access the full-text digitized archive, are kindly requested to ask for permission in writing which must contain both the purpose of research and the documents requested. When applying for access, users must also sign a declaration indicating that they will comply with copyright and personality rights. It is important to note that some personal/private documents are not open to the public via the digital archive. When a request for archival access is approved, it may contain restriction or conditions, (i.e. that certain pieces of information require confidentiality or prior publication, a copy of the manuscript must be submitted to the institute). A limited amount of copies can be made of the archived documents but the cost of the copies must be covered by the user. Pieces of information found within the archive can only be published with special permission and with full reference/citation to the both the document source and the archive. The user is obliged to provide evidence before publishing anything that is based on research done in the archives of Max Imdahl’s heritage. After submitting an approved written application and making an appointment for access, the digital databank of the heritage can be seen under the above mentioned conditions. Contact: info(at)situation-kunst[dot]de