Max Imdahl

Max Imdahl’s (1925 – 1988) understanding of art, which was the core of his teaching, is central to the concept of Situation Kunst.

For Imdahl, art history is the science of experiencing art. This view was partly realized in his efforts to create greater access to art. By setting up collections on the campus of Ruhr University and opening them to the students, Imdahl both provided direct access to contemporary art and promoted the propagation of art to a larger audience.

To continue his tradition of a teaching collection, Situation Kunst, its artists and the Association Situation Kunst Haus Weitmar decided to dedicate the exhibition to the legacy of Max Imdahl.

Consequently, by adhering to this distinguished heritage, "Situation Kunst – für Max Imdahl" maintains the position that the function of art is to create space in which perception can unfold its full potential.